Are you in the software solution provider business?  Do you sit across from clients ready to be nailed by questions on how SharePoint can solve their worst nightmares at the cheapest possible cost imaginable? If that be the case you’ll probably want to read on…

As your client explains their requirement to you, your mind is already processing the simplest, out-of-the-box way to a solution and, most of the time it’s that easy.  But sometimes your client asks you:

“Do you think we can do it like this?”

From the hip you hypothesize and say

“Yes I’m certain the software can assist you to do it”

and BLAM… you’re right smack in the middle of it. You’ve declared a solution based on one’s expectation that this is how Microsoft would have designed it.

Personally, I don’t like going back saying “Sorry we have to reconsider this solution” and pleading ignorance is not an excuse for anything.  We should lessen our assumption-mistakes by learning from the ones made by others.

This quote from “To learn is to change. Education is a process that changes the learner.” is what will direct your efforts into that of success.  Your aim should be to rearrange your approach to solving SharePoint related challenges and therefore [ShareTipOn] anagrammed from SharePoint; provides useful information for changing one’s approach.


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