Welcome to my [Share-Tip-On] blog; where we should lessen our assumption-mistakes by learning from the ones made by others. Our aim is to rearrange our approach to solving SharePoint related challenges therefore [Share-Tip-On] anagrammed from SharePoint; where we believe that prevention is better than cure.

Solutions and Development

Looking for the easiest way to get a SharePoint Feature implemented? Here are a few articles that have proven themselves –

SharePoint Feature includes a module and in turn allows for a Feature Event Receiver to fire When files are placed using a feature a Module is used.  Things however becomes quite tricky when working in an existing environment where Publishing Feature is activated (check-in, check-out, ghosting, un-ghosting) and different users are working on different files at the same time.

Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and GACUTIL Here is some useful information that ShaerPoint Developers sometimes overlook.  Thank you Jussi. Take me there (away from here)

Error: The Method “GetItems” of the type “List” with id “{Lists’s Guid}” is blocked by the administrator on the server: This is resolved by relaxing the security on anonymous access a little.  Thank you, SharePointInAction! More information available here

Development Environment Optimization. Eastridge Sharepoint Development Environment Optimization  Thank you for recommending this Adriaan.  Take me there. Also note that should there be issues experienced with SharePoint Search, check out this additional article relating to noderunner.exe.  Take me there

Using RequireJS and JQuery in .noconflict() mode is a simple example on what to do when a conflict occurs in the global namespace.  Take me there

SharePoint Site Definitions – Mapping files to pages on a SharePoint site – Useful summary of things SharePoint.  Take me to Our SharePoint Experience Blog

Drag and Drop of files on a Library might seem straight forward, however the file is left without any required metadata.  This handy bit (hahaha) of code provided by Mx. on SharePoint-StackExchange is now one of my favorite fixes on SharePoint.  Drag and Drop Documents and dialog to the Edit Form Directly

“Open with Explorer” by JavaScript takes a bit of search to find using terms such as “Ribbon.Library.Actions.OpenWithExplorer javascript” leading to users complaining about the fact that the button only works in Internet Explorer.  Well this post on Hannah Swain’s blog showed that it is simple:  function NavigateHttpFolder(URL, Target) where target is ‘blank’ same as one would with a.href.target.

Interesting Reads

Organizing Documentation

(officeandbusiness.be) Best Practices on working with documents on SharePoint – Take me there, away from here

RequireJS & shim for moment.min – Take me there


Alternate Access Mappings explainedTake me there, SharePoint built by predecessors often leave much to be resolved.  AAM is important when the SharePoint URL has to be changed to default to a new name.  Sometimes the server name was used and is not a FQDN.  This article is useful.

Sending Email (SMTP) using Commercial Service such as GMail – Sometimes an SMTP server is not available and the use of a public server is required. The problem with this is that public serves only operate with SMTP Authentication i.e a username and password whilst connecting to the smart host.  This article gives a nice explanation for setting this up on SharePoint (Thanks In The Mix). Take me there

At this time the settings for Outlook looks like this –

Outbound Security - [Basic Authentication]

User name: m y e m a i l a d d r e s s @ l i v e . c o m

Password: 1234

[./] TLS Encryption (Checked)

Outbound Connections:

TCP port: 587

Delivery - [Advanced Delivery]

Smart host: smtp-mail.outlook.com