Whilst doing a migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 using Sharegate one particular error caused some havoc for a short bit. This problem clearly relates to the converting from one region’s format to another, in this case the source site was set to Canada and the Destination site set to South Africa.

The very first thing to change (that made sense was) was the Region on both the source and the destination sites to the same regional settings.  However, this did not work!

After some tweaking I realised that I had changed the site’s regional setting on the site level and not the site collection and apparently there is a difference.

Changing the regional settings on SharePoint

Navigate to the current site’s settings and look for “Site Administration” on the right.  If it is not there it means this is (not a site collection) but a site. Therefore look for “Go to top level site settings” in the Site Collection Administration section and click it.

Under Site Administration, look for the “Regional Settings” link and click it.

Find the row titled “Locale” and change the drop-down menu to be the same on both the source and the destination sites.


Important: Changing the Locale on the Source side could have adverse affects since the format the date and time is displayed is changed to the new locale.  Any Client Side scripts that read these values will no longer work.  It is therefore suggested that the destination locale be changed to be the same as the source; do the migration and then change the locale and check for any bugs/errors that might have arisen from this change.